Wellington Street Partners Limited is a political and business consultancy established in 2011. Our purpose is to guide our clients through the political jungle. We are not lobbyists. Rather, we use our experience and contacts to map out the political risks facing our clients' businesses and offer advice and support in dealing with them.


Each day, political decisions are made at local, regional and European level, which affect us all. Laws, regulations and policies shape the context within which organisations and individuals operate. Increasingly, companies acknowledge the need to engage specialist political risk consultants, adding value to their business intelligence and giving competitive advantage.


We are unique in the United Kingdom having been established by three former Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum.


Recent News

Looming Atlantic Split


The future of the World Trade Organisation is in jeopardy; that much we know from President Trump's veto of new Appellant Judge appointments and his belligerent, "I'm the biggest beast in the jungle attitude". He judges that if the existing world trade order collapses then the USA will emerge stronger as others yield to the mighty dollar. But he would be wise, (some chance), to look at whats happening to the future of international financial transfer systems though because Germany has just about had enough of him.


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