Wellington Street Partners Limited is a political and business consultancy established in 2011. Our purpose is to guide our clients through the political jungle. We are not lobbyists. Rather, we use our experience and contacts to map out the political risks facing our clients' businesses and offer advice and support in dealing with them.


Each day, political decisions are made at local, regional and European level, which affect us all. Laws, regulations and policies shape the context within which organisations and individuals operate. Increasingly, companies acknowledge the need to engage specialist political risk consultants, adding value to their business intelligence and giving competitive advantage.


We are unique in the United Kingdom having been established by three former Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum.


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Ashmore Financial Limited are a partner of Wellington Street


Ian Rooth: Forward start loans, rate risk and planning for the future


While the Public Works Loan Board remains the first port of call for financing for many local authorities, there are alternatives that can lock-in future borrowing costs and help tackle interest rate risk. 


As with many councils, the majority of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s (BMBC) borrowing is sourced from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB).


While this source of funding is both simple and relatively cheap, we have found it to be quite limited. As such we are looking to diversify our approach — one of the more attractive options being the forward start loan, which the PWLB does not currently offer.


During 2017, BMBC worked with Ashmore Financial Limited in reviewing our treasury management strategy. Whilst our strategy defined our overall approach, it did not go into great detail in respect of:

  • The precise timing of our future borrowing requirements;
  • Our future interest rate risk exposure, based on such borrowing requirements (i.e. how much our financing costs could increase, or decrease, based on interest rate movements).

Ashmore’s analysis crystallised this risk and helped us to consider the financial impact of potential interest rate moves.


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